Legion - Triumph Men's Sport Multivitamin

Triumph is a 100% natural sports multivitamin that enhances health, performance, and mood, and reduces stress, fatigue, and anxiety.


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Legion’s Triumph Men’s Sport Multivitamin contains clinically effective doses of 21 vitamins and minerals that are vital for health, performance, and wellbeing, including those often overlooked or under-dosed in other multivitamins like vitamins K1, K2, and D, and zinc, magnesium, iodine, and chromium.

“Natural” doesn’t always mean “better,” but in many cases, natural ingredients are superior to artificial ones for various reasons, including purity, safety, and efficacy; that’s why the ingredients in Triumph are 100% naturally sourced!

Every ingredient in Triumph is also tested for heavy metals, microbes, allergens, and other contaminants, ensuring they meet the strict purity standards set by the FDA.

Also available; Triumph Women’s Sport Multivitamin!


21 Essential Vitamins and Minerals (605 milligrams per serving)

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (90 milligrams per serving)

Grape Seed Extract (200 milligrams per serving)

Nigella Sativa (500 milligrams per serving)

Olive Leaf Extract (80 milligrams per serving)

KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract (500 milligrams per serving)

Coenzyme Q10 (120 milligrams per serving)

Pumpkin Seed Extract (200 milligrams per serving)

Fucoxanthin (8 milligrams per serving)

Zeaxanthin (6 milligrams per serving)

Lutein (6 milligrams per serving)


Size: 30 servings


Take 4 capsules, two times daily, with meals. For optimal results, take every day.


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