Muscle Feast - Micellar Casein

Packing ≥18.2 grams of casein protein + 3.4 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs in a mere 88-calorie serving, Muscle Feast’s Micellar Casein is the ideal supplement for sustained muscle recovery!


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Muscle Feast’s Micellar Casein digests slowly to provide you with a sustained increase in amino acids, prolonging muscle protein synthesis. Micellar Casein is isolated from milk by filtration, preserving the structural integrity of the protein molecule.

Micellar Casein provides 18.2-19.3g of protein per serving (depends on flavor) + 3.4g of naturally occurring BCAAs and offers many other biologically active compounds that have direct immune and physiological benefits. While it is best to take micellar casein before bed, it is also an ideal choice as a protein-rich snack!


 Casein Protein / 18.2-19.3g (depends on flavor)

✓ Naturally Occurring BCAAs / 3.4g

Only 88 Calories per serving

✓ Contains 100% Natural ingredients

Certified to be Vegetarian by the American Vegetarian Association.

Certified to be Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Organization.

Certified to meet the standards of the Orthodox Union for Kosher Dairy.

No Added Sugars

No Artificial Flavors, colors, or sweeteners

No rBST/rBGH (no artificial hormones)

No Factory Farmed Ingredients

No Unnecessary Fillers or additives




Mix one serving (1 level scoop) with 6 to 8 ounces of water, milk, or milk substitute.


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